Frequently Asked Questions

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Please visit our pricing page to see our different options. Special promotions and discounts are offered regularly. Group discounts are also available to centers within the same state.
No additional computer equipment is required to use CIL Management Suite. All you need is a computer with Internet access. No expensive hardware or servers are necessary.
CIL Management Suite members have unlimited access to support at no additional cost. Each question or issue is addressed immediately by an experienced software engineer.
Initial setup training after purchase is supplied by Q90 Corporation to your whole center via conference call. The cost of this training is included in the cost of the program, and Q90 Corporation offers free training via conference calls each week thereafter. Special trainings can be organized at regional and national conferences as necessary.
Your database is isolated from all others on the database servers in our AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment. Only those you've given rights to can access your data. All access within CIL Suite is controlled through Access Control Lists, so you can have full control over what each of your staff members can access, whether it's documents, consumers, time tracking reports, or any of the many other tools inside CIL Management Suite. In an emergency situation, your data can be restored by a Q90 Corporation Support Engineer. In other words, if all data access is lost, it can still be recovered.
As one of our core services at Q90 Corporation, we specialize in data migration. We can migrate (transfer) existing consumer information from other software types into CIL Management Suite. This can save weeks and even months of man hours transferring data from your existing software into CIL Management Suite. Migrations average between $1,500 – $4,500. Please contact us for an estimate!
YES! Q90 Corporation is a custom software development company, serving Independent Living Centers since 1993. CIL Management Suite was built with customization in mind, and many additional features and reports can be added for a fee. Please call us for specifics: (888) 264-3491.
CIL Management Suite is meant to be a complete solution. Our goal is that you would have no other data entry. There are times though when you might have to enter information into specific state databases or other grant-specific systems. We can build custom interfaces into those systems in some situations. Please call us for more information in your specific situation.
CIL Management Suite is a web-based software application and works with all major browsers on all versions of Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Personally, though, we recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the optimal experience.
YES! Based on the individual needs of our clients in those states, Q90 Corporation has created and currently offers CIL Suite modules for the following state reports: New York (ACCES), Florida, Missouri (Quarterly Report), California (AB204), and Minnesota (MN IL/VR Collaboration). We would be happy to create additional reports at the request of our clients. Please call us for more information: (888) 264-3491.
The people of Q90 Corporation have been serving independent living centers since 1993, longer than any of our competitors.
Don't take our word for it, search YouTube for CIL Suite or click the Testimonials link above. You'll find over 75 results from happy customers telling why they love CIL Suite. You'll find that each of these videos is transcribed, because we're not faking it.
The independent living movement is our movement. Our software is accessible, our website is accessible. This is what we do. We've been to every APRIL and NCIL conference since we've been selling CIL Suite. We send our engineers to IL conferences to make sure we're doing it right. We sent an engineer to the Outcomes Measurement conference, and were the ONLY vendor in attendance. Are we the only vendor that cares?
Every day, on average, over 2500 users login to CIL Suite.
Our CIL Suite advisory board is made up of rural and urban centers across the nation. They help us serve you, and guide us down the path of continual improvement.
Over 200 blind users use CIL Suite out of the nearly 4400 users nationwide. If there is ever an issue found we work to get it fixed.