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Product Overview

CIL Management Suite is a comprehensive management software package. It is cloud-based, making it easy to use …
and only requires an internet connection. No special computer hardware or servers are required to run the software or to store consumer information. All information reported through the software is stored on our secure servers. No special training is required and every application is extremely user friendly. With just a few clicks of a mouse, a CIL Management Suite user can easily track time spent on projects, download documents, add an individual to the Independent Living Center’s consumer database, and so much more.

CIL Management Suite


CIL Suite Basic

$2,395 per year

or $200 per month


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CIL Suite Pro

$2,995 per year

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CIL Suite Platinum

$4,195 per year

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CIL Management Suite Basic CIL Management Suite Pro CIL Management Suite Platinum
On-line training is available for new and current staff on request. There is also a weekly training call, which all staff are welcome to participate in.
Technical Support
Support is available by phone between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM Mountain Time, M – F, and can be sent in via email at any time.
Consumer Tracking
Keeps track of consumer name, contact information, demographics, and case notes
I&R Tracking
Keeps track of I&R name, contact information, and case notes. I&Rs can easily be changed into Consumers.
A large number of reports (Service Report, Goals Report, Disability Types Report, etc.) are available to any staff member, as well as database admins.
PPR/704 – Create and submit directly to the ACL
The PPR/704 will automatically populate with your consumer demographic, service, and goal data, as well as Community Activities. Once finalized, it can be submitted directly to ACL.
Personal and Organization Reminders
Admins and staff can set reminders for themselves and each other. Reminders can be sent out to all staff members, and staff can opt to receive reminders via email.
Print Labels
Print mailing labels, email addresses, and phone lists for some or all of your consumers and I&Rs
No Extra Hardware Required
As a cloud-based system, CIL Suite can be run from any computer with an internet connection and a web browser. Your data will be backed up automatically twice a day.
Keyboard Navigation (JAWS, etc.) Compatible
Staff members who use assistive software such as JAWS, NVDA, WindowEyes, etc. can navigate easily in CIL Suite.
Unlimited Users
Database admins can manage staff member login accounts with no outside intervention needed. There is no upper limit to the number of staff logins.
Community Activities
Keep track of outreach activities – issue area, activity type, hours spent, objectives, and outcomes, as well as additional info about number of attendees, mileage, prep time, etc. Community Activities automatically populate to the PPR/704 Report.
Group Events
Allow staff who work with groups of consumers/I&Rs to update multiple records with a group note/service request.
Robust Consumer/I&R Data Checking
The Audits area provides numerous checks you and your staff members can run on consumer/I&R records to check for missing or incorrect information.
Complaints Tracking
The Complaints module helps document issues that may arise, what steps are taken, and how they are resolved.
Track Outcomes, Outcome Indicators, and Measurement Methods for each consumer.
Time Tracking
Enable staff to keep track of time spent; can optionally be linked to consumers, consumer services, Community Activities, etc. Includes time tracking reports. We also provide the option to track time in units. Staff enter the Start Time and End Time, rather than Time Spent.Time is displayed in Units and Totals.
Company Calendar
Internal, center-wide calendar for staff to refer to
Document Center
Storage area for things like policies and procedures manuals, blank forms for downloading and filling out, etc. Includes the ability to create folders to aid in organization.
Equipment Tracking
Keeps track of equipment available for loan or give-away. Items can be signed out to consumers, signed in upon return, or marked as given away. Also keeps track of depreciation.
Integrated ILP with Consumer Signature
Create customized ILPs. Send the ILPs to consumers for review and digital signature by email. Staff can also sign digitally. Annual ILP Reviews and ILP Amendments are easy to document.
Self Intake Form

The Self-Intake Form is so easy.

It allows you to send a link to a potential consumer (or you can post this link on your website) The link contains a list and description of the services your center offers. The potential consumer can select the services they are seeking.

And then enter in all the appropriate demographics data that you have specified is needed for you to onboard them for those services.

Once submitted, all of that info is automatically captured in CIL Suite.

This can save your staff from 15 minutes, up to 1 hour and 45 minutes of time gathering info and data entry, PER consumer intake.

Access by Program
Provide access to staff for all consumer notes and documents that are associated with assigned programs. (keep staff from accessing notes and documents they should not access, while allowing them to see all that they need to)
Centers with multiple PPR grant numbers or with satellite offices can track work done on behalf of individual consumers/I&Rs as well as Communit Activities by location. A PPR can be generated per each office/location and a variety of other reports can also be filtered per office/location as well.
Education & Legislative Advocacy

Show name and contact information for consumer’s state and federal representatives based on their location.

  • Shows the current state and federal legislative representatives for each consumer
  • Includes the contact info for each congress person
  • Easily share this data with the consumer, in order to facilitate the consumer engaging in advocacy work
Home Modifications

Track information about home modifications. Includes report.

  • Home Modification Project types (such as bathroom remodel, home entry, etc)
  • Specific Modification types (such as grab bars, ramps, etc)
  • Track Project Stages
  • Track Funding Sources
  • Bid cost
  • Final cost
Upgraded Documents Center
Increase the maximum file size for uploaded documents from 5 MB to 10 MB.
Fee for Service/Employment Services

Track consumers participating in Fee for Service programs. Includes report.

Track consumers as they progress through the various stages or steps associated with Fee for Service activities (such as employment services, etc).

Center Calendar to Center Website Plugin

Enable centers to display public events from their CIL Suite calendar automatically onto their website calendar

If an event is added to the CIL Suite Calendar, and flagged as Public, then it will automatically show up on the Center’s website calendar as well

Human Resource

Track and manage information for Center Staff.

  • Used and accrued vacation, sick, and personal time
  • Emergency contacts
  • Titles and wages history
  • Benefits
  • Training
  • Goals
  • Staff documents (like Center policies and procedures, etc)
  • Center equipment being used (laptops, tablets, phones, etc)
  • Background check renewal dates
Health Professionals Tab
Track information about a consumer’s health care professionals
Personal Care Attendants
Collect basic information about Personal Care Attendants (working preferences, capabilities, languages spoken, etc.) to assist consumers in locating attendants who meet their needs
Older Blind and 7OB

Track information required by the 7OB / OIB / Older Blind Report. Includes report.

This is a Federal program providing funding to centers serving consumers age 55 or older with a significant visual impairment.

PPR/704 by County or Zip Code
Assist centers with multiple PPR/704 grants in collecting and collating information required for each grant’s service area. Includes report
Internal Inventory Tracking

Enables centers to manage any and all center-owned property – items like laptops, tablets, desk phones, mobile phones, vehicles, AT, and so on.

Manage information about items that your center owns, which staff members they are assigned to, where the items are located, etc., organized by item category – computers, phones, vehicles, or any categories of items you wish to track.

For each item, you can track the following:

  • Item condition
  • Manufacturer/brand
  • Model number
  • Serial number
  • Purchased from
  • Purchase date
  • Purchase price
  • Notes
  • Maintenance and repair records
  • Photos of item
Auto Budget Split Time Tracking
When staff and admins log time, each time entry can be automatically attributed by percentages to multiple funding sources, based on preconfigured settings. This is customizable per staff member.
Potential Add-ons
Module Description
Quick Sign Forms An administrator will be able to upload the forms used by your organization and map essential demographic data like names and addresses to these forms. Staff can then select the form template within a consumer/I&R record and all of the mapped information for that consumer will appear in the appropriate fields on the form. Once completed, the forms are swiftly dispatched electronically to consumers for review and signature, ensuring a swift and paperless process. This module will eliminate steps such as entering consumer data into a fillable form, as well as having to upload signed forms into the database.
VoIP Integration

Help your staff more easily document all the good work that they are doing (as you know, many notes and services go completely un-documented).

We integrate your phone system with CIL Suite.

When a consumer calls, before you even answer the phone, we auto-open CIL Suite for you to that consumer’s record.

If a person calls that is not in CIL Suite, we auto-open quick links for you to do one of the following:

  • Quick I&R
  • Add I&R
  • Quick Consumer
  • Add Consumer
  • Add Referral Contact
  • Add Alt Contact