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Product Overview

CIL Management Suite is a comprehensive management software package. It is cloud-based, making it easy to use …

and only requires an internet connection. No special computer hardware or servers are required to run the software or to store consumer information. All information reported through the software is stored on our secure servers. No special training is required and every application is extremely user friendly. With just a few clicks of a mouse, a CIL Management Suite user can easily track time spent on projects, download documents, add an individual to the Independent Living Center’s consumer database, and so much more.


CIL Management Suite


CIL Management Suite



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CIL Management Suite



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CIL Management Suite



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CIL Management Suite Basic CIL Management Suite Pro CIL Management Suite Platinum
Technical Support
Consumer Tracking
I&R Tracking
Personal and Organization Reminders
Print Labels
No Extra Hardware Required
Keyboard Navigation (JAWS, etc.) Compatible
Unlimited Users
Community Activities
Group Events
Robust Consumer/I&R Data Checking
Complaints Tracking
Time Tracking
Company Calendar
Document Center – Policies and Procedures System
Equipment Tracking
Education & Legislative Advocacy
Home Modifications
Upgraded Documents Center
Fee for Service/Employment Services
Center Calendar to Center Website Plugin
Human Resource
Health Professionals Tab
Personal Attendants
Older Blind
PPR/704 by County or Zip Code
Internal Inventory Tracking
Auto Budget Split Time Tracking